5th grade helping Kindergarten

Important Information

Thank You for your Support of "Hoops for Heart"

Thank you to all OCRS families for your support of the "Hoops for Heart" program. As a school we have raised $1665 for the American Heart Association!! Those funds will go toward helping families and individuals dealing with heart related illness as well as fund research to provide additional help and support.

In addition to helping those affected by heart disease, $160 will come back to our school in the form of certificates which can be redeemed for additional PE equipment. Thank you for all of your support for our students, our school, and for The American Heart Association.

Check out a couple of pictures below of 5th grade students assisting the Kindergarten students with the "Hoops for Heart" activities!

Clothing Donations

We keep some clean clothes handy in the nurse's office for when a student may need to change schools due to a variety of reasons. While we have plenty of clothes for our younger students, we could use some clothes sized for our older students. Specifically, we are looking for t-shirts and sweatpants in sizes that can accommodate our older students. If you have any clean, gently used t-shirts or sweatpants that you would like to donate, please send them in "attention to Mrs. Forte".


From the OCRS PTA; Remember to bring in your Box Tops before the end of the month! Money raised from Box Tops is going directly back to the school for new physical education equipment. Help us to help our school!

Elementary Students and YouTube

We have been noticing more and more of our students talking about spending time at home watching videos on YouTube and other video streaming services. While there are a lot of appropriate and even educational videos online, these services also make it extremely easy for young children to find videos that are not age-appropriate. Unfortunately, some students have been discussing these videos at school and repeating the language that they are hearing in the videos. A perfect example are the "Jeffy" videos posted on YouTube in the "SuperLuigiLogan" channel These videos appear to be marketed to young children but the content is not appropriate for elementary school.

While many apps and devices have Parental Controls available, these can be difficult to find and to setup and they are not 100% effective. I'm going to work on and publish some blog posts in the next few weeks showing how to find and setup some of these controls, but the best approach is to closely supervise children while they are watching any streaming videos, limit the amount of time they are watching videos, and talk to them about what they are watching.

Upcoming Dates and Events

Return Box Tops by Thursday, February 28th

Please return any Box Tops before the end of the month!

March 27th Local Food Ambassador "Taste Testing"

We are finalizing the plans for the Local Food Ambassador "Taste Testing" event for OCRS students during normal lunch times on March 27th. This event will be held in the OCRS cafeteria and we are still looking for volunteers to assist. All volunteers need to have an active background check on file and have attended volunteer training. If you may be interested in volunteering, please contact Mr. Barrette.