Arrival and Dismissal Traffic Pattern

  1. Parent vehicles will enter the campus using the entrance on the right (north) side of the building. Please use the lane on the left of the entrance. Busses will use the right lane.
  2. Once you have entered the parking lot, parent drop-off will stay in the left lane while school buses will stay in the right lane. School buses will continue around the outside of the parking lot.
  3. A staff member (most likely Mr. Barrette) will be standing near the end of the loop to direct traffic. When signaled by the staff member, parent vehicles will continue to proceed behind the school around the outside of the parking lot. Parent vehicles will continue around the building staying to the right.
  4. A student drop-off/pickup zone has been clearly marked with cones right in front of Door 8. Students will exit their parent's vehicle and proceed directly to the school staff members.
  5. When the student has safely entered Door 8, the parent vehicle will proceed around the gym to the left. If a family needs to fasten a student's seat belt before exiting the campus, please pull over next to the construction fence on the left to do so. Exit the campus using the entrance on the left (south) side of the building near the construction.

Thank you for your cooperation using this traffic pattern for this school year.